Tackle Life

The diversionary activities that Whitefield Youth Association delivers come under our Tackle Life Programme. There is an increase in young people becoming stressed, depressed and unhappy with the situations that they are currently find themselves in.

One in five young people will experience a mental health problem, many more lack confidence, have low self esteem of themselves and feel that there is no effective support network.

Whilst the programmes that Whitefield Youth Association delivers are primarily designed to get young people into work, education and training, the Tackle Life initiative is designed to enhance the young peoples' confidence and motivation, this enables them to make positive steps towards realising their true potential and look towards getting into education, work or training.

The initiative is also designed to tackle issues around antisocial behaviour where areas have been identified by partner agencies that they are problems with young people or through work that has been done from the REACH Programme.

The Tackle Life Initiative has currently 3 diversionary activities, these are:

  • Get Off The Ropes Boxing Engagement Programme.
  • Kick Start Football Academy.
  • WYA Premier Football League.

These are the core diversionary activities that are currently being delivered. WYA are exploring further opportunities in developing activities alongside their partners in further developing pilot schemes that have already been delivered as well as exploring new ones to further engage with disenfranchised young people and communities.


"If I was not here I would be probably on the street getting drunk and causing trouble, there needs to be more projects like this, gives me something to look forward to."

"I have always been told I will not get anywhere in life, by being involved in these activities it has given me the confidence to become involved in new things and gain new experiences."

"I would not normally hang around with young people that are not the same as me, I have realised they are just the same with the same issues."

"I thought that the way me and my friends behaved was quite normal."

Kick Start Football Academy

Get Off The Ropes Boxing Programme