R.E.A.C.H. Programme

Realise, Educate, Achieve, Choice, Help

The REACH Programme is an initiative which operates in identified areas that are known as "hot spot areas". These areas display signs of high potential youth anti-social behaviour, petty crime and are typically very deprived.

This programme is about reaching those young people who are "hardest to reach" and face barriers in accessing main stream service provision.

The programme aims are to provide a forum to engage with young people who are perceived to have a negative influence on the local communities that they reside in and to be able to discuss and provide activities for such groups to participate in that will have them engaged in positive actions as well as creating mentoring relationships where barriers are broken and for them to engage in other programmes that can see them realise their true potential.

The programme is a collaboration of Whitefield Youth Association volunteers, local communities, organisations both from the private and public sector to help prepare these young people to face challenges, overcome obstacles and realise their responsibilities now and in the future and to raise their self esteem.

Y.A.P. Programme

Youth Advisory Panels Programme
Young people are the future of our communities and it is important that we invest in them. It is essential that young people have a real say in issues that affect them.

Whitefield Youth Association passionately believe in this ethos and because of this has set up a Youth Advisory Panel that is used as consultative body to address the issues of whether what WYA delivers is "fit for purpose" and also determine that the service provision being delivered is of a high standard and fulfils the need of the various programmes that are available.

These YAP's also allow the young people to be provided with a platform to voice their concerns, to participate in a wide range of issues that affect them as well as the wider community and to be empowered to be able to make decisions and actions to improve their local communities. Further these YAP's provide a bench mark to measure the improvement in services, community confidence and most importantly increase in aspirations both economic as well as social.

WYA ensures that their YAP's are not just a talking shop but are provided with the tools to make an effective change in the communities that they live in.

The young people of these YAP's are provided with training opportunities to enhance their personal development as well as provide them with new experiences.

"I never realised what consequences I could face from my actions."

Cleaning Up The Local Community

Cleaning Up The Local Community